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The recent rise of interest in “Asia” is often ideologically and economically driven, while historically “Asia” has been contradictorily imagined and appropriated as some manipulative ideologies, emancipatory or revolutionary causes, and mechanism through which people within and beyond the region negotiated and constructed their national or cultural identities. Asia as a geographical region may have the chance to become the most dynamic center of global capitalism in the near future. The rising nationalist discourses in Asia are seeking to build an alternative concept of the region. The transnational non-state movements are also building up their capacities to forge multiple Asian networks and cultures. The post-Cold War condition, globalizing economy, common ecological problems and greater intra-Asian flows of capital, labor, knowledge, and cultural productions may foster an unprecedented sense of regionalism which, however, does not necessarily contribute to the homogenization of cultures or formation of any essential Asian values or identity. But a stronger configuration of “Asia” is taking place under all these circumstances and driving forces. Can the new momentums built around Asia constitute a new mode of connecting and coordinating peoples and things in a non-congruent and more equalitarian term? In what ways can we make use of the historical pasts and previous endeavors to shed new light on our understanding of the complexities of “Asia”?
Date December 1-2, 2011

December 1st, 2011 (Day 1)     08:45-17:00
December 2nd, 2011 (Day 2)     09:30-13:15

Venue 香港浸會大學逸夫校園林護國際會議中心伍宜孫博士演講廳(WLB 109室)
(with campus map) Dr. Wu Yee Sun Lecture Theatre (WLB 109), Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
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Organizing Committee Professor Mak King Sang, Department of History
  Professor Tang Wing Shing, Department of Geography
  Professor Stephen Chu, Humanities Programme
  Professor Eva Man, Humanities Programme
  Professor Lo Kwai Cheung, Humanities Programme
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